U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum


U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum

G&A’s strategic planning team worked together with the City of Colorado Springs and the U.S. Olympic Committee to envision a developmental master plan for the creation of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum to become an anchor for the new City for Champions District, also home to the U.S. Olympic Training Facility. The new 60,000-square-foot universally-designed facility will be the first museum dedicated to U.S. achievements in both the Olympic and Paralympic games. The experience will immerse visitors in the intensity of high-level competition through the lens of the athletes who have trained, competed and won. The experience will forever change people’s perception and appreciation for the dedication, motivation, determination, and sacrifice all Olympians and Paralympians share.

Atrium / Lobby

As visitors enter the museum, an awe-inspiring floor-to-ceiling media wall runs through the central atrium—dynamic images of athletes build anticipation and set the tone for the experience. 

Photography courtesy of Nic Lehoux

An elevator lifts them to the atrium’s “peak” where a spiraling sequence of galleries takes them through the history of the games and training to the moment every Olympian has been working to achieve: the games.

Photography courtesy of William Baum

At Training, visitors’ speed, agility, strength, and endurance are tested throughout hands-on manipulatives and digital interactives that invite them to explore different sports. The RFID-powered interactives seamlessly deliver a custom experience for each guest as it organically adapts to each persons’ unique selections and accessibility requirements.

Photography courtesy of Nic Lehoux
Photography courtesy of Nic Lehoux

In The Lab, visitors have the opportunity to inspect the technical advancements behind both Olympic & Paralympic achievements. From Michael Johnson’s iconic gold running shoes to a racing wheelchair and running blades, key artifacts are placed behind transparent LED screens, turning each item into an interactive exploration.

Photography courtesy of Nic Lehoux

Mimicking the compression, anticipation, intensity, and excitement as athletes wait to enter the Opening Ceremony, a tunnel-like space places visitors inside that moment. Cheers from the crowd heard in the background, anticipation builds as the stadium emerges on the other side. A 360-degree filmic celebration welcomes people to the Games.

Photography courtesy of Nic Lehoux
Photography courtesy of Nic Lehoux
Photography courtesy of Nic Lehoux

Going from Summer Games to Winter Games, visitors become spectators in the sports, the artifacts, the moments and the personal stories of athletes, their families, and their coaches. From How the World Watches and Olympic-inspired pop culture to the Medal Ceremony, visitors see just how much the Games have inspired our culture, our communities, and connected us all through the universal language of competition.

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U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum
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