Shanghai Natural History Museum


Shanghai Natural History Museum

As China moves through the new century, its international status signals a responsibility to construct a more harmonious and sustainable relationship with nature and to model environmental awareness—not just internally but for the eyes of the world. The new museum leads the way in educating the public on China’s vitally important relationship with the natural world.

The Museum features more than 10,000 artifacts from all seven continents. The building includes state-of-the-art exhibit spaces, a 4D theater, an outdoor exhibit garden, and a 100-foot-tall atrium that welcomes visitors with an abundance of natural light filtered through a striking glass wall inspired by the cellular structure of plants and animals.

Our design of the Museum’s interior incorporates several key exhibit techniques to elevate the content and enhance the visitor experience. In addition to over 8,000 square feet of education labs and activity space, the project incorporates hands-on labs throughout the gallery space. The main purpose is to advance public education towards the appreciation and understanding of the role and relationship of the natural world to society.

Shanghai Natural History Museum
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