Jabil Blue Sky Center

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Jabil Circuit Inc.

To highlight Jabil’s far-ranging work from ideation to product post-launch across multiple industries, we created an immersive media experience, showcasing the company’s capabilities step by step. We built a interactive wall of 18 ultra-high resolution touchscreens that is a multi-user and multi-use experience; it serves both as a presentation and exploration tool for clients and employees.

We developed a flexible content management system that’s easily updated to reflect Jabil’s portfolio, as it grows. The dynamic, modular system includes copy, images, and videos.


The 18 touchscreens can recognize multiple touchpoints from a single user and from multiple users. Because the screens are such high resolution, the images display in vivid color at a high frame rate to ensure there is no lag when videos load or play.

Jabil Blue Sky Center
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