“Do you have what it takes?”

December 8, 2019
“Do you have what it takes?”


December 8, 2019
“Do you have what it takes?”

G&A designs a new Performance Challenge brand activation for Kia Motors at the College Football Hall of Fame.

The Performance Challenge creates a stage for College Football Fans to try their best and fuel their spirit of competition through two sports activities, asking them: ‘Do you have what it takes?’ Inspired by the NFL Combine challenge, visitors try the Vertical jump and 40-Yard Dash interactive to see how they measure up. We designed the experience using motion detection and RFID technology, creating a personalized experience where a person’s gestures and movement advance the activity.

From a distance, visitors see a backlit wall of images showcasing pure performance. The images show athletes training, Kia instrument gauges revving, players scrimmaging, and Kia vehicles cornering. This is clearly an exhibit about grit, excellence, and becoming the best.

As they approach, they’re faced with two vertical pillars with large displays front and center, inviting them to test their own performance. Visitors approach the pillars and are drawn into a fun easy-to-understand game where body gestures and movements are their tools. They can test their performance in a re-enacted play of the 40-yard combine challenge, and run in place to test their speed. They can also their explosiveness in the Vertical Jump experience and see how their efforts compare to others’—challenging them to try a little harder. 

Visitors can save a takeaway of their performance to an online RFID locker and share it to social media.

Project Team

Core Team

  • Creative Director/ Principal: Michael G Lewis
  • Project manager/Digital Producer: Natalie Tschechaniuk
  • Creative Lead / Visual & Experience design: Julie Flechoux
  • Technical Director: Jonathan Cohen
  • Motion graphics: Shwenn Chang
  • Creative Tech: Tyler Henry
  • Software development: Andrew McCausland
  • Hardware/ AV integration: Tom Byrne
  • Graphics / Exhibits: Josh Hartley


  • Fabrication: 1220
  • AV integration: BBI