Marketing Coordinator
Washington, DC Remote


We work as a complete team.

Our diverse staff—physical designers, graphic designers, media producers, UX designers,

technologists, business strategists, content developers, coordinators, and more—pays attention to every detail to help our clients create meaningful and memorable visitor experiences. Oversight from seasoned project managers ensures that deadlines are met, milestones are reached, and channels of communication stay open. 

As a part of the growth of that team, we are seeking a Marketing/PR Coordinator who will support the Director of Marketing/Business Development (BD) in all marketing and PR efforts for the firm. 

When acting as an important part of the marketing team, you will be expected to be involved at all levels, including:

  • Assisting the Brand Director in researching, organizing, and writing qualifications submittals
  • Creating and managing schedules for responding to RFPs
  • Working with the project team on interview presentations, including custom Keynote/PPT and Google Suite documents.
  • Organizing and overseeing all databases, outreach milestones and engagement opportunities
  • Communicating with collaborative partners
  • Organizing photo/video shoots
  • Writing online content, in collaboration with the marketing team, with a focus on social media interventions and community engagement
  • Helping to drive online traffic with web-related updates such as developing e-letters, website/social media updates in coordination with the Brand Director and in collaboration with the Marketing, senior management and BD teams
  • Helping to assist and develop in the organizing the firm’s comprehensive outreach program, including professional organizations, school organizations, professional development, events, thought leadership, and award submissions

Specific Skills

  • Experience and focus around Marketing & Communications/Public Relations
  • Well-versed in social media strategies
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Proficient in PPT, Keynote, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Suite, Adobe InDesign, CRM tools, including e-mail marketing tools
  • Strong team player
  • Can work under pressure to tight deadlines
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications or Public Relations 


It is an exciting time to join the G&A team and we have the core values to prove it—Excellence, Impact, Integrity & Balance shape our future and are designed and defined to help our team understand the link between strategy and culture. These values explain how the day-to-day translates into supporting aligned efforts and goals across the board. Join us as we continue to develop our culture together, to fit our style and your success!


We will synthesize the digital and physical worlds in innovative ways like no one else.


We integrate our diverse capabilities in order to deliver unrivaled experiences. 



We are committed to creating our best work:

  • Build working relationships with team members and cross-functional colleagues to come up with your best work 
  • Seek different perspectives, inputs and feedback when working through hurdles 
  • Get out there and see what’s new in the world of design; request a conference or team field trip for inspiration  

We create a culture of curiosity and learning:

  • Be passionately curious; show eagerness to learn 
  • Challenge assumptions and suggest different approaches 
  • Stay current in our area of expertise; G&A, and our industry 
  • Applaud others for their accomplishments 
  • Share helpful information and best practices with team members 

Always be proactive:

  • Do not over-commit yourself; speak up
  • Utilize resources (i.e. people, templates, workshop request, supplies) to meet your goals and needs
  • Be detail-oriented in all that you do (spell check!) to put your best foot forward

We are true ambassadors:

  • Follow G&A on social media (“like” our photos; make suggestions for improvements)
  • Give marketing something cool to post about your or your work contributions 
  • Be credible and always put your best foot forward 


We are locally and globally conscious:

  • Say no to plastic and use less paper around the office
  • Bring a new perspective to our clients—think sustainability where it counts

Inclusion brings us together:

  • Take ownership of how your work supports the shared objectives of the team
  • Understand the work of your team and how it contributes to the project/team priorities 
  • Look for opportunities to help your neighbor when in need: printing, guidance, support, get out and go for a walk or take a lunch break together to break up the monotony 


Trust and respect is a must:

  • Be intentional and respectful in all conversations 
  • Listen with an open mind to different viewpoints
  • Be responsive, on time, and on task for your team; work together and be honest with each other when challenges arise

We have open lines of communication:

  • Stay up-to-date on company news (e.g. newsletter, Instagram—follow @GandA_Design)
  • Ensure your manager and team members are kept informed of progress or hurdles—they can help!
  • Listen and ask questions to gather information and understand other viewpoints  
  • Explore new ways to be more efficient


Adaptability is key:

  • Always think beyond the problem and toward the solution
  • Be flexible and responsive to changes in priorities 
  • Embrace new ways of doing things

Work-Life blend for success:

  • Take time to unwind
  • Take lunch
  • Participate in a wellness activity or challenge 

To Apply

Please send a resume and letter of interest as a PDF file to [email protected]


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